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Transferring Jewish Children out of Nazi Germany Before the War. Helping Jewish Refugees. Communicating and Passing Warning Messages onto Jews in Remote Villages. False Documents. Operating in Enemy Territories. Jewish Family Camps. Operating inside Concentration Camps, Forced Labor Camps and Death Camps. Rescuing from within the Camps. Operating in the Ghettos. Rescuing from within the Ghettos. Medical Assistance. Smuggling Food and Nourishment Initiatives. Working Factories. Community Leaders. Spiritual Leaders. Negotiating with Authorities. Leaders Establishing Rescue Organizations. Hiding in Christian Places. Hiding in Jewish Places. Children Homes. Crossing Borders. Rescuing from outside of Occupied Europe. Collaborating with International Organizations. Rescuing from within Jails. Rescuing from Monastaries. Burning Information about Jews at the Ministry of Interior. Rescuing by assassinating Nazis or their Collaborators. All Rights Reserved to Moshe Gromb. _____________________