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*YouTube:j_nojyuaFuM* We have recently been exposed to the above captioned subject; therefore we decided to make a documentary film about the Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust. We all heard of the Righteous Among Nations, but not many people know the story of the Jews who risked and often sacrificed their own lives to save their brothers. Articles by Alan Schneider and Prof. Asa Kasher are attached here on this subject. Our purpose in producing this film is to increase recognition of Jewish heroism during the Holocaust by documenting and preserving these unique testimonies and evidences. The film will be screened in Cinematheques, in movie theaters, and various television channels. It will also be screened and discussed in high schools, universities, and colleges and will be presented to all interested audiences in Israel and worldwide This unique film will serve as a tribute to the families of these heroic rescuers for all generations to come, and to people associated with them. It will honor the living, and serve as a memorial to the bravery and courage of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Due to high production costs, we are humbly asking for you to join us and take part in this important production, either by a donation or any other way we would all agree upon. We will be happy to provide you with clarifications and details about our project, by phone, by mail or in a personal meeting. Your concern, interest and participation in this unique educational documentary film will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours, Abraham Huli +972-53-773-8106 Moshe Gromb +972-53-773-8014 Shoshi Ben Hemo - The Director, documentary film creator and editor