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Gary Saltsman - United Nation Int'l Holocaust day

BBI Prague convention - CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin speach on JRJ

Allan Shneider brought this project to me and frankly, one of my first questions to him was what about Yad Vashem…we have all been to the garden of the righteous…and Alan told me the story about the law which was enacted and only covers non Jewish rescuers. Then I became more interested and I spoke to a former member of Knesset who is a child of a survivor
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BBI Prague convention - Gary P.Saltzman President of BBI with Abraham Huli

A very short moment, more of a matter of housekeeping here, because Abrarm Huli is the international Vice President from Israel. And up to this point, hasn’t received his pin, we are big on pins. So I am providing you with this Senior Vice President Pin, wear it properly. And I wanted to present this to you in front of more than myself so I thank l of you for being here
Abraham Huli & Moshe Gromb- Film Initiators. Shoshi Ben Hemo- Film Director- Clip about the full length documentary film